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Cpt code for long arm cast

29345 - CPT® Code in category: Application of long leg cast (thigh to toes) CPT Code information is available to subscribers and includes the CPT code number, short description, long description, guidelines and more. CPT code information is copyright by the AMA. Access to this feature is available in the following products: Find-A-Code Essentials.

What is the reported HCPCS code for a diaphragm for contraceptive use? A4266 What is the reported HCPCS code for a Levine type stomach tube? B4083 What is the reported HCPCS code for Mitomycin, 40 mg, given intravenously? J9280 x 8 What is the reported HCPCS code for two leg straps for a wheelchair? K0038 x 2 What is the root meaning joint? Arthr/o.

codes 29105Application of long arm splint shoulder to hand 29125Application of short arm splint forearm. Supplementary Table 1 Diagnosis and Procedure Codes. For our website may occasionally need to a lot for.

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The proximal humerus fracture splint has a strap that wraps beneath the opposite arm, limiting the motion allowed at the shoulder. Brace de Sarmiento allows some movement, which helps one to make a full recovery. Deltoid cap extension of the broken shoulder brace prevents it from migrating. Cuff-style arm sling of this humeral Sarmiento brace. “If a cast, strapping, or splint treats multiple closed fractures without manipulation, only one closed fracture without manipulation CPT code may be reported.” 33 Written inquiry response February 8, 2013 “This policy is applicable.

HCPCS Code Q4010 Description Long description: Cast supplies, short arm cast, adult (11 years +), fiberglass Short description: Cast sup sht arm adult fbrgl HCPCS Modifier 1 HCPCS Pricing indicator 55 - Priced by carriers under clinical psychologist fee schedule (not applicable as of january 1, 1998).

Free 2007 HCPCS Q Codes. Q0035 Cardiokymography; Q0081 Infusion therapy, using other than chemotherapeutic drugs, per visit; ... Q4005 Cast supplies, long arm cast, adult (11 years +), plaster; Q4006 Cast supplies, long arm cast, adult (11 years +), fiberglass;.

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