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ALCOR MP v14.08.12.00, ajustando PID, Single Channel y 100mA 9C04 44 0xE512 SC908SN / AU6989SN 454CA892 SanDisk SDTNRIAMA-016G CE:1 TLC-8K Genérica 16GB AlcorMP_UFD 14.04.02.MD D3-eD3 D82F 45 0xE512 SC908SN / AU6989SN 45D79892 SanDisk SDTNQCAMA-004G CE:1 TLC-8K Toshiba 4GB ALCOR MP v14.08.12.00 D82B 46 0xE50B AU6989SN /.Alcor.

Dec 05, 2021 · Serial Number: 14101201007420. Device Name: USB DISK. Device Revision: 0001. Product Model: NAND Flash. Product Revision: 1.00. Controller Vendor: Innostor. Controller Part-Number: IS917-B0 - ??ROM?? Flash ID code: 8984643CA500 - Intel PF29F16B08LCMFS - 1CE/Single Channel [MLC-16K] -> Total Capacity = 16GB.. The latest Tweets from usbdev (@usbdev): "FirstChip FC1178 & FC1179 MpTools Ver1.0.3.13 2018-12-14(1216)". Утилиты для флэшек. Программы восстановления данных, создания загрузочных USB Flash Drive..

I didn't have that '' site at the time. That page seems specific to the USB versions, not the SD card (SM2683) parts; unfortunately, ... The only applications that use the NAND provided.

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PC Pitstop - PC Performance Roots. PC Pitstop began in 1999 with an emphasis on computer diagnostics and maintenance. During the early days of the dot com boom, our online.

Прошу помощи с SSD Phison PS3111SB (PS3111-S11) Firmware Upgrade Tool, ru Satafirm s11 ssd ... zip for Windows to driver. Shark.93 is correct: you need to use other tools. Specifically the S11 firmware upgrade tool (USBDev) if VLO's S11 repair doesn't ... PS3111-S11 micro SSDTM (µSSD) 3D NAND Specification Version 1.

Chipsbank NAND v2.0.34 [20100315] flash.ini FlashList Данный конфиг, универсален для всех утилит, того времени, пока его не зашифровали в файлы flash.CBM. Так к примеру,.

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